The Reality

Today’s threat actors conduct sophisticated and unrelenting attacks against civilian-grade business targets

of all cyberattacks are targeted at SMBs
median number of days attackers stay dormant
average breach cost in IT interruptions
estimated new malware attacks every day
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Born from a need to satisfy the rigorous demands of the Department of Defense, Haven is a multi-layer and overlapping technology stack monitored and managed by a 24/7 security analyst team.

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Corvid Cyberdefense is a recommended solution by some of the most respected names in the industry

We feel that we’re able to sleep better at night just knowing that our clients have the best protection we can give them. They definitely know what they’re doing.

John BalcerzakJohn Balcerzak, Managing Partner, A4 Wealth Advisors

We definitely did our due diligence, and this solution provided the most comprehensive package available.

Shauntae Funkhouser, Director of Operations, A4 Wealth Advisors

They came in and secured our network and hiring them is one of the best decisions we have ever made. They always make us feel like we are their only customer and their #1 priority. I can’t imagine where our business would be today without our partnership.

Tony DuBois, General Manager, Orange County ABC

It is critical to have subject matter experts that I can depend on. This is that “go to” resource for me in security and networking. Their greatest strength is helping to integrate cutting edge technologies to meet my business challenges. This team has my complete trust.

Tim Peede, VP of Information Technology & CIO, South River Electric Membership Corporation

…has been one of the best partners our company could have chosen to help deploy nextgen network security for our rapidly growing business. Our firm represented multiple Fortune 500 companies through hosted websites and call centers which included the collection and storage of both PCI and PII sensitive data – security was big deal.

Dale Lancaster, CISO/CTO, Red Ventures

A big part of it is piece of mind. We know we have protection. We don’t have to call a major client and say, ‘three of our computers crashed and we lost an entire project.’

David Hunt, CAD Manager, Tower Engineering Professionals (TEP)

You just don’t realize how vulnerable are until something happens. Every healthcare provider needs this. This is a solution they can afford.

Lewis Quinn, CEO, Aymira Technologies

Our company deals in sensitive information every day. Before, we had serious concerns as to how we would handle a breach in security. This has given us a superior sense of confidence that we are in great hands.

Jim Roberts, President, Wade Associates | Insurance & Risk Management

Rolling it out takes a lot of that security responsibility and load off of you as an MSP and lets security experts that have a SOC worry about it.

Art Ocain, President & COO, MePush Inc

There are new threats all the time and you need somebody that’s an expert in getting out ahead of those things.

Micah Minarik, Managing Partner, Kingsmen Software