When our company was founded in 2014, cyber attacks were at an all time high and executives and IT leaders were having a difficult time protecting their businesses.  Although there were many organizations offering security services as part of their portfolio, very few were fully focused on cybersecurity.  The stakes were and still are too high to not partner with experts who live and breathe cybersecurity each and every day.

Since the beginning, we chose to do one thing and do it well–cybersecurity.  We have been very fortunate to help improve the security posture of some of the largest companies in the world.  Through our experience with these organizations, we learned how difficult it is for even the largest companies to keep up with the proliferation of cyber attacks.  Ultimately it comes down to three important pieces all working together.

  • Great technology
  • Great people
  • Great processes

While many of the large enterprises are making significant strides in improving their security posture, the majority of small and medium business are falling further behind.  Attackers are very aware of this and now view these business as a primary target either for direct gain or an entry point to the larger organizations they do business with.  Small and medium businesses unfortunately do not have the resources or money to build an in-house security program like many of the enterprise level organizations and are therefore left to do the best they can and hope nothing bad happens.

As we all know, “Hope is not a strategy.”  This is why we developed Haven. We knew there had to be a better way for SMBs to protect themselves and feel confident they could continue to focus on growing their business without increasing the risk of being compromised.  In early 2017 we sought out to develop a solution that coupled the best technology, great engineering and simple processes at an affordable price.  We have developed a security-as-a-service platform that provides enterprise level security tools to protect your your business and does not require hiring very expensive resources.  Our experienced engineers help walk you through the process of implementing the most effective security controls while constantly tuning and monitoring your environment to always stay ahead of the attackers.