Corvid Cyberdefense Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign: Believe In Digital Bigfoot

New campaign from Corvid Cyberdefense offers cybersecurity education throughout National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Davidson, NC October 5, 2018 – Corvid Cyberdefense, provider of Haven™ — the all-in-one cybersecurity solution — has launched the Digital Bigfoot campaign for the month of October in support of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).

“Everyone has heard a story about Bigfoot, but it can be difficult to believe in something you can’t see,” said Mike Viruso, Corvid Cyberdefense’ Chief Strategy Officer. “The same with a cyberattack, everyone’s heard of it but they often don’t take it seriously until it happens to them.”

The campaign is part of the company’s ongoing mission to secure confidence in the digital economy, and includes two main components:

  •, where visitors can find resources for protecting themselves and their customers from cyberattacks
  • A social media campaign using the hashtag #digitalbigfoot, where followers can see daily cybersecurity tips and statistics and share their own sightings of Digital Bigfoot

Cybersecurity is an important topic for everyone, but it has recently become higher profile for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Morethan half of malware attacks, for example, target small business. These attacks cost SMBs an average of $2,235,000.

Since SMBs often have fewer resources than enterprise-sized organizations, they are even more susceptible to an attack, says Corvid Cyberdefense CEO and Co-Founder, Pete Seeber. “Cybersecurity can’t only be a concern to large businesses,” he explained. “That’s why we’re launching the Digital Bigfoot Campaign. Every size business should have the resources to avoid and stop cyberattacks.”

Aside from providing turnkey cybersecurity solutions, Corvid Cyberdefense works in the community to make digital experiences accessible and safe for everyone. Their support for the non-profit E2D helps ensure that all students have affordable access to essential at-home technology and digital literacy training.

Seeber and Viruso will be guests on the InSecurity Podcast, speaking about the Digital Bigfoot Campaign and the state of cybersecurity for the SMB. The podcast episode will be released on October 15th, 2018.

The Digital Bigfoot Campaign coincides with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The NCSAM was launched in 2004 by The National Cybersecurity Alliance and the U.S Department of Homeland Security. As part of the Stay Safe Online initiative, NCSAM features a new cybersecurity theme each week and includes both local and digital events.

“We hope to see a lot of people helping spread awareness by using the digital bigfoot hashtag,” added Seeber. “Cybersecurity can be complex and scary, but we can make it less so as a community. Everyone can do their part to make our digital lives safer.”

Where did you see Digital Bigfoot? Use the hashtag #digitalbigfoot to share a cybersecurity story, stat or tip.

About Corvid Cyberdefense

Corvid Cyberdefense is headquartered in Davidson, NC and is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services. Corvid Cyberdefense Haven™ is their fully managed prevention, detection and response security solution that integrates all the necessary controls, management, and 24/7 monitoring to protect against cyberattacks. More information can be found at,,,, and Corvid Cyberdefense headquarters: 201 Delburg St, Suite 101, Davidson, NC 28036




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