Animated Videos Added to Our Employee Awareness Training!

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Employees are one of the biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities in any organization. At Rocus Networks, we continue to enhance our awareness training program to stay one step ahead of cyberthreats. We’re happy to announce that we have added an online animated video training course to our CyberFusion® platform. The videos were designed by a company called Ninjio.

This is an addition to the automated phishing training we currently provide to our customers. We deliver animated story-based training video episodes that are 3-4 minutes in length and teach a lesson on one specific security threat using an engaging, real-life security breach as the story line. Each employee logs into a portal where there are an initial four core episodes to watch and answer a quiz question. These start-up episodes were selected because they teach about four core threats: spear phishing, ransomware, password security, and business email compromise.

A new video episode is delivered to the portal roughly every 30 days. Employees are notified about a new video by email. This video awareness training course provides:

  • Short videos with captivating storylines
  • Stories based on real-life companies written by a Hollywood writer
  • Optional gamified excitement with more points for speed and correct quiz answers
  • Dashboard access to see who has completed training

These brief episodes will teach and reinforce security topics and will ultimately lead our clients to a higher level of awareness and security. The training course benefits employees at work and at home as the lessons apply to both their professional and personal lives.

S4-E1 Teachable Moment Cartoon - CORP

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