At Corvid Cyberdefense, we understand the threat landscape and compliance standards as they relate to your specific industry.

Financial Services and Banking

The financial services industry was built on privacy and security. As cyberattacks grow increasingly sophisticated, strong vaults and guards at the door won’t protect against phishing, advanced cyber threats and IT infrastructure breaches. 

In this new age of cyber warfare, financial services institutions must understand the entire threat landscape and employ the right people, technologies and processes to ensure business continuity and proper risk management. 

Mobile banking, cloud computing, and new regulations have complicated the task of securing data and mitigating risks. Corvid Cyberdefense’s end-to-end solutions empower your organization with the tools, training and processes vital to:

  • Prevent internal and external data breaches to protect PII

  • Meet compliance mandates and regulatory standards

  • Identify and remove vulnerabilities

  • Improve employee training


From digitizing medical records to introducing telemedicine, the transition to digital healthcare has positioned sensitive medical and personal data as easy targets for cyber criminals. 

Health records are worth up to ten times the value of financial records on the black market. A single data breach can have devastating financial and reputational consequences—not only for the organization, but also for the affected patient. Corvid Cyberdefense provides a comprehensive suite of risk management strategies, services and technology solutions to enable health care organizations of all sizes to:

  • Help secure patient data from cyberattacks as required for HIPAA compliance

  • Provide secure connections for remote health care

  • Conduct penetration testing 

  • Provide security awareness training to all employees

Professional Services

Threat actors target firms across the nation and replicate harmless file attachments to be included in confidential client emails that when opened allow for a cyberattack across the entire kill chain. The goal is theft of valuable business information, competitive intelligence, and personal and financial data. Unwittingly, trusted advisors can become the weakest link. Protect your clients trust in you by keeping data secure with Corvid Cyberdefense.

  • Secure customer and client data

  • Post-merger and acquisition IT security integration and transformation 

  • Corvid Cyberdefense supports both on-premise and cloud environments

DoD and Government Contractors

Federal, state and local government agencies are burdened with increasingly stringent regulatory standards. Corvid Cyberdefense’s solutions can enable these agencies to function smoothly while securing sensitive information required to operate within NIST SP 800-171, upcoming CMMC, and NIST SP 800-53 standards.

Our solutions for government agencies and contractors include:

  • NIST SP-800 171 and CMMC assessments

  • IT security tools to protect from private and state-sponsored cyberattacks 

  • Managed security packages for protection and compliance


With ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), and data breaches becoming more common and damaging, local governments are being harmed on an unprecedented scale. Municipalities must ensure that networks and data are protected. Corvid Cyberdefense is your partner to:  

  • Secure network data

  • Train employees to recognize and avoid email phishing attacks

  • Deploy managed IT security tools and provide threat detection and response


Cyber criminals know the wealth of information that can be revealed by hacking educational institutions. From student, staff and alumni social security numbers and financial information to intellectual property generated by research staff, the potential areas of vulnerability are countless.

These risks are complicated by students arriving on campus with personal computers and devices that can easily connect to the campus network. Often, these devices are already compromised with malware.

Corvid Cyberdefense strategies and solutions aim to protect the safety of both the institution and the students by providing holistic strategies to:

  • Secure data in the learning environment

  • Provide safe access to educational resources for both students and teachers

  • Protect students from phishing attacks

Entertainment, Sports, & Media

In the digital age, information is more readily available than ever before. To keep consumers and fans up-to-date, entertainment, media and sports companies need effective risk management strategies and cybersecurity to ensure the goodwill of their enterprises. 

As consumer viewing and purchasing habits change and cyber criminals at home and abroad grow increasingly dangerous, entertainment industries must adapt. Corvid Cyberdefense’s holistic solutions help media, entertainment and sports organizations serve consumers while protecting data and leveraging the most cutting edge, high-tech security solutions. We empower companies to:

  • Protect intellectual property

  • Prevent damaging cybersecurity attacks

  • Secure e-commerce transactions and protect customer data