Work safely from anywhere – Security and live monitoring to protect you from viruses, ransomware and cyberattacks 24/7

The ONE security service with REAL PEOPLE detecting and responding to threats. For Windows OS laptops and desktops.

  • Advanced Antivirus
  • Smart Firewall
  • Secure VPN
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center Monitoring



*$60.00 savings for yearly subscription payment

Why choose HavenOne?

Actual Humans Monitoring For Threats

Unlike other AV/VPN solutions, HavenOne includes a live, US-based security operations center (SOC) team threat monitoring, threat-hunting, and managing your security tools for top security and performance.

Department of Defense-Level Security Tools

HavenOne includes the same award-winning, next generation technology used by many Department of Defense (DoD) contractors to protect the DOD data they handle.

Machine Learning Technology

Our preventative tools use Machine Learning (ML) to identify and block threats in real time before they can execute and cause harm.

A Simple Single Install

HavenOne is completely cloud-based so no equipment is required and it can be installed remotely from anywhere. A few clicks and your data and devices are protected.


Easy-to-deploy security that includes what you need to protect your workstation and internet activity.


Enterprise-grade tools configured and managed by top IT security experts with 24/7 live monitoring to respond to threats.

We continuously evaluate the latest technology and make adjustments to ensure we deliver the best protection possible.


Only $19.99/month (for a 12-month subscription).

Cancel anytime.

Protect your device from the latest ransomware, viruses, malware and spyware. And get secure and private access to the internet.

Advanced Antivirus

Leverages artificial intelligence to detect and prevent malware attacks before they can execute. You’ll be prevented from opening malicious URLs and visiting spoofing websites.


VPN connection maintains network privacy and security even when you’re working in public locations like hotels, conferences and in coffee shops.

Next Generation Firewall

Our next-generation firewall inspects all traffic—incoming and outgoing, and is capable of stopping the advanced techniques employed by today’s more sophisticated attacker. You’ll be blocked from dangerous websites that can steal your data so you can safely browse the internet.

24/7/365 SOC

U.S.-based security operations center for monitoring, detection, and response by our team of trained security analysts. We’re on top of the latest threats and adjust our security tools to keep you safe.

How it works

Order Online

Order using the Buy Now button. Complete the form and submit.


Install the tools on your computer using the link and serial number provided.


That’s it! You’re now protected.

See the User Guide

Why do I need 24/7 threat monitoring?

Cybercriminals are continuously finding new ways to get past even the most advanced security. Vulnerabilities found by attackers that software providers haven’t yet patched are called “zero day” vulnerabilities. Criminals find ways to use these vulnerabilities to get into your computer to deliver malware, like ransomware. These previously unseen methods, called “zero day attacks”, can get past some security tools.

Monitoring by security analysts, who are trained in advanced threat protection, means action can be taken to stop threats that get past protective security tools before they cause harm. And cybercriminals don’t just work 9 to 5! When you combine the most advanced security tools with 24/7 threat monitoring, your computer is getting the most effective security around the clock.

About Corvid Cyberdefense

Corvid Cyberdefense provides Department of Defense grade cybersecurity and has several DoD clients, including our own parent company, Corvid Technologies. We are an award-winning provider of advanced cybersecurity services for business. Since 2014, we’ve been protecting organizations of all sizes–from independent contractors, to small businesses, to enterprises. We have some of the top cybersecurity and engineering experts in the industry securing private companies, local governments, and government contractors.

We are known for our all-in-one, managed cybersecurity platform call Haven to offer enterprise-grade protection and 24/7 monitoring at a price that’s affordable for small and medium businesses. And now we introduce HavenOne, a service designed to provide individuals with the crucial security tools to work securely from home or on public wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you install HavenOne, best-in-breed security technology tools are installed on your computer.

Cylance/Blackberry PROTECT Advanced Antivirus is endpoint prevention and detection and response which uses machine learning data models to detect and prevent execution of malicious code on your computer.

Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect Smart Firewall & Secure VPN routes your network traffic through a cloud-based firewall and VPN which protects you from dangerous applications and websites and encrypts data so it can’t be accessed by wrongdoers.

All Windows 10 laptops and desktops supported by Microsoft (which is currently versions 1809 through 2004). Note: HavenOne is not currently available for Mac, Android or iOS devices.

You are able to purchase 10 HavenOne licenses in a single transaction.

Most likely. Once you purchase HavenOne, you will be provided a link to get simple instructions to uninstall common anti-virus software that may be on your computer.

Upon purchase, you will immediately receive a unique serial number and a link to your HavenOne download. Simply 1) click on the link, 2) install the tool, 3) enter your serial number when prompted, and 4) click next.

That’s it!

Yes. At this time we do not offer auto-renewal. At the end of the term, please repurchase HavenOne to continue to enjoy the service.

If something is blocked that you need or you require other assistance, please contact and one of our security analysts will handle it for you. Only items that are deemed safe by our security team will be unblocked.

Yes, you can turn the VPN on and off. Please keep in mind that you are much safer when using the VPN because all data you send and receive is protected via the VPN. This is especially important when you are using public wifi.

To turn on and off GlobalProtect VPN, doubleclick the globe icon to Disconnect and Connect GlobalProtect VPN. Your internet connection will be secure when the globe displays the checkmark shield icon.

No. There is no penalty for cancelling before the end of the term. Simply contact with your request to cancel.

HavenOne is unlike almost all other security offerings because it is managed and monitored by real live human beings who are trained in cybersecurity. Our security analysts work 24/7/365 detecting and responding when threats are seen.

Attackers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities and new ways to exploit them. If a threat gets past the endpoint security and VPN tools then our analysts will find it and eradicate it, keeping you and your data safe and sound.

If you encounter an issue downloading, installing, or running a program, please follow the steps below:

  • Open the CylancePROTECT client by double-clicking the icon in the system tray, a window should appear.
  • Click each of the tabs in the window to see if any Threats, Exploits, Events, or Scripts appear.
  • If you do see one or more legitimate work-related files listed in one of the tabs, a support ticket may be submitted to to release the file.
  • If you do not see anything listed, then it’s not likely a CylancePROTECT issue.

If you’re having technical problems with the HavenOne installation please send an email to describing your issue and someone from our customer support team will reach out.

Threat data from the security tools is sent to our SOC. If a potential threat is detected, the SOC receives an alert and our team investigates and blocks it.

When you receive a pop-up prompting you to login to your new GlobalProtect VPN service, make sure you use the email and password you used when purchasing HavenOne as your username and password for GlobalProtect.

Yes we do! You can access our HavenOne user guide here.

It’s easy to change your password on the login page. Just click “Lost your password?” on the login screen, enter the email address you used to set up your HavenOne account, and you’ll receive an email with instructions to set up your new password.