Our mission – to secure confidence in the digital economy – drives everything we do. We believe everyone should be able to conduct business safely without fear of hackers and data leaks. The reality is that organizations are not safe. We know that without a multi-layered cybersecurity plan, bad things happen. Data is stolen. Networks are held for ransom. Hackers leak sensitive customer information. Employees unknowingly install malware by clicking on an email. We are in business to protect businesses so they can prosper. We do this by upholding our five core beliefs.

1- IT security must be a top priority for every organization

Every organization, regardless of size, should have IT security as one of their top priorities.

2- An affordable and effective solution should be available to all

All organizations should be able to afford an effective cybersecurity solution, despite their size. As a business that caters to SMBs, this is very important to us.

3- Prevention is possible and should always be the primary goal when addressing cyberattacks.

Too many organizations have invested in tools and programs that focus on detection and remediation rather than investing in prevention.  Detection and remediation is a reactive strategy that imposes tremendous risk and requires a larger investment in tools and resources than a prevention-first strategy.

4- Security must be built into every IT solution.

IT security must be the core of every IT solution deployed.  For many years IT security has been an afterthought and bolted-on after solutions have already been deployed.  This afterthought and bolt-on approach significantly decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of IT security.  IT security always works better when planned and built into a solution from the onset.

5- Cybersecurity should be a strategic enabler for the business rather than an inhibitor.

Over the years, IT Security has developed a reputation as being an impediment to business functions and growth.  However, when implemented properly, security programs, policies, and tools can be deployed in a manner that not only protects the organization but also enables the business to elevate performance.

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