Partner News: Phishing Awareness Training Companies Consolidate


Interesting blog post by one of our technology partners, Ironscales, about the market changing due to the need for a more "holistic and integrated approach to phishing mitigation." Advanced threats require better, more comprehensive phishing awareness tools. EYAL BENISHTI | 2018 Feb 8   Phishing Awareness Training Solutions Phishing Awareness Training focused solutions are not aligned with [...]

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SMBs Targeted by Cyber Thieves

2018-09-12T14:10:30+00:00 raises some awareness around cyber thieves shifting their focus to attack credit card data from SMBs. Logic here is SMBs are an easier target and the value of the stolen card has a longer shelf life than a major breach like Target. Per Krebs: Dec. 18 marked the fourth anniversary of this site breaking [...]

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Corvid Cyberdefense expands with new office at The Hub @ Davidson


Here's a shot of set up in our new space at The Hub @ Davidson. We are very excited to expand into this facility that offers Davidson College staff and students, the community and companies like ours the opportunity to share this unique space. The goal of The Hub is to "both connect with and help [...]

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Higher Education Breach Lessons Learned


David Furr, a member of the Corvid Cyberdefense Board of Advisors, recently sat down with Erin Gore, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo, to discuss challenges facing higher education institutions in regards to cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.  In the podcast, David discussed the 2017 breach that happened at the University of New Mexico [...]

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