3 Tips to Avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cyberattacks


2020 may be the busiest year ever for online holiday shopping. It might also be the biggest year for online scams. With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals being advertised, it’s likely that some of your employees will shop online from work, which can put your network at higher risk for a malware [...]

3 Tips to Avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cyberattacks2020-11-20T21:27:47+00:00

Passwords are the Doors to Your Privacy


Passwords protect everything: your client’s data, your social interactions on Facebook or Twitter, your financial well-being, and even your friend and business networks. They are the digital keys to each facet of your life, and in many ways, the powerful safeguards of your business and social integrity. Unfortunately, passwords may be a loose thread, where [...]

Passwords are the Doors to Your Privacy2018-09-27T18:49:13+00:00

8 Questions to Ask Your IT Provider about Cybersecurity


Many business owners have a false sense of security about their cybersecurity. They think that since their business uses an IT provider for their network, they are automatically protected from hackers and data leaks. But the reality is that most SMBs are vulnerable. If you question where your organization stands from a cybersecurity standpoint, ask [...]

8 Questions to Ask Your IT Provider about Cybersecurity2018-10-11T19:28:49+00:00

The most important attributes of a cybersecurity platform: My Response


I recently read an article posted on Linkedin by Jon Oltsik, a principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Jon is a well-respected thought leader in the security industry and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Business Week. His article, “The most important attributes of a cybersecurity platform,” struck a chord with me. We are [...]

The most important attributes of a cybersecurity platform: My Response2018-09-18T18:05:52+00:00

Our Core Beliefs


Our mission - to secure confidence in the digital economy - drives everything we do. We believe everyone should be able to conduct business safely without fear of hackers and data leaks. The reality is that organizations are not safe. We know that without a multi-layered cybersecurity plan, bad things happen. Data is stolen. Networks [...]

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Why Your SMB Needs Cybersecurity


The modern world is evolving to be more and more dependent on technology, and you need to keep up with it. Protecting you and your customers' data has never been more important, for businesses of all sizes, including SMBs. 1-It's Not Just For Big Business Many people believe that cyberattacks only happen to big corporations, [...]

Why Your SMB Needs Cybersecurity2019-11-25T15:38:28+00:00

WEBINAR: Cybersecurity for the SMB and HNI


Watch the webinar for critical cybersecurity insights from David M. Furr, cybersecurity expert and accomplished attorney, and Sheldon Cuffie, VP and CISO, Northwestern Mutual. If you are a small or medium business decision-maker or high net worth individual, you need to watch this. Find out the actual threats targeting businesses and individuals and what you [...]

WEBINAR: Cybersecurity for the SMB and HNI2018-08-28T18:37:20+00:00

My Life Lesson (From My 14-Year Old Son)


This past week was an emotional roller coaster that is finally over. Yesterday afternoon at 2:44pm I received the news that my 14-year old son made the high school basketball team. On the surface that might not sound like a big deal but from what we witnessed in the Viruso household, it is incredible. Ryan [...]

My Life Lesson (From My 14-Year Old Son)2018-09-12T14:02:09+00:00
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