An Intern's Perspective

Hi, my name is Hannah I am a rising senior at UNC Charlotte majoring in marketing and I have been the marketing intern for two summers now at Corvid Cyberdefense. In my time here, I have learned a lot about the inner workings of a business, gained knowledge in the field of marketing, as well as industry experience. But one of the top things I learned was about the dangers and reality of cyberattacks. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about cybersecurity before coming in (again, I’m a marketing major), but now, although I may not fully understand the industry, I know the importance.It seems like every day that I see a cyberattack has occurred. It’s similar to the theory that once you get a new car, you start seeing that model all over the road. After working in this industry for a short time, I see cyber threats all the time in the news. It seems like there is always a news story breaking on another company being hacked. To me, this brings up one question, why? Why won’t companies take it seriously? Why won’t they invest in cybersecurity or basic security practices? We’re not in the age of Watergate anymore, when data was literally stolen in person. The modern world is evolving to be more and more dependent on technology, and you need to keep up with it. Protecting you and your customers’ data has never been more important. You may think that your small business is safe from attacks, but in reality, no one is. Data is data. You wouldn’t leave your business or your house unlocked, so why would you do the same to your information?This blog is not me subtly selling, or trying to push our products (although the marketing major in me wants to), this is me imploring you to do something. Change your password from password1234 to something way more secure, update your computer, don’t click on every link that comes into your inbox. Do something. When my siblings and I were young and it was discovered that we had missing assignments (not me, but that’s not the point), my mom would say “anything is better than a 0.” Doing one small thing is better than doing nothing.This job has helped me to be a safer individual online, and more aware of cyber risks. I now recognize phishing emails, and am careful before clicking on links. I understand how important having a cybersecurity plan in place is. I’m from the generation that used Frostwire and Limewire and now I am shocked that my sister and I used to download music that way, probably infecting our computers with tons of viruses. Also when I was in school, the sign-in for us to use the school computers  was username: student, password: student. Seriously. Although this was just the login to access basic computer functions like Microsoft Office Suite and the internet. Looking back now, I can’t believe that the login was so un-secure, leaving the entire school system vulnerable to threats.There was not that much information then on these unsafe practices, but there is now, so why are we still taking these risks?
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